Getting started

Note: the map data is due to revision in fall 2018. Check this page for any updates.

  1. Download and extract sdt3d package
  2. Extract worldwind.jar package maintaining hierarchy
  3. Edit file config/worldwind.layers.xml by adding line along similar lines (e.g. after OpenStreetMap) <Layer href="config/Earth/AnglovaScenario.xml" actuate="onRequest"/>
  4. Copy AnglovaScenario.xml from zip archive into config/Earth/ folder.
  5. Update / add above files into worldwind.jar (or repack whole hierarchy)
  6. Start sdt3d

WMS service endpoint is at The Service is running mapproxy version 1.9, so it supports WMS 1.0.0, 1.1.1, and 1.3.0. There are two layers available:

  • ist124 that provides the Anglova Scenario mapping information
  • osm provides standard OpenStreetMap rendering

For previous instructions the domain name will change from to in AnglovaScenario.xml. The older URL still works identically.

Map is also available as standard tile map service. The URL follows standard format where is If you have a software that uses OpenStreetMap tiles, just replace with

Map preview is available at

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