The Anglova Scenario has been developed as part of the NATO IST-124 Research Task Group on Heterogeneous Networks: Improving Connectivity and Network Efficiency. This is an emulation scenario specifically developed for experimentation over emulated tactical networking environments.

See Documentation and FAQ for detailed description and help. You can look at Recent Changes to see what is new.

The scenario is developed for the EMANE Network Emulation environment and consists of three vignettes:

  1. Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
  2. Troop Deployment
  3. Neutralization of Insurgents and IEDs and Medical Evacuation

At the moment, the troop deployment vignette (2) is the first one available for download and consists of detailed movement and pathloss parameters for a battalion-sized deployment.

Virtual machines containing EMANE and scenario can be found from virtual machines archive.

Software for Middleware test harness is available for download too.

Clicking on the following links allows you to download the movement data as and the calculated pathloss data for both a 50MHz (narrowband) waveform as well as for a 300 MHz (wideband) waveform.

Java-based applications that read the above position and pathloss data and generate events that drive an EMANE simulation can be downloaded here:

The first one is a text application whereas the second one has a Graphical User Interface.

Node descriptions and typical push-to-talk voice group requirement for the battalion is given in this table. Furthermore, two examples of network plans for voice and data on UHF and VHF can be found here in Network Plan1 and Network Plan2.

Vignette 2 animation

Animation below shows the movements of the mechanized battalion part of Vignette 2.

Company 1-4 are regular companies.

The nodes 99-103 is a part of the command unit, dedicated to communication support and therefore regrouping a number of times during the scenario.

See also Vignette 2 connectivity animation.

Map data can be accessed using following instructions.

Scenario has been used in publications listed on papers page.

We would love to hear if Anglova Scenario has been useful. Why not send email and let us know. Also you can add comments and questions to FAQ.

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