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The vignette 1-2 have been relocated to a different location to complement full scenario. Terrain at those coordinates does not match the original location where the pathloss were calculated originally.

Coordinate transformation to the original Swedish location of the battalion scenario is as follows (in matlab notation):

  • Olat = Alat + 7.9133854851;
  • Olon = (Alon - 7.88017769562444).*cosd(Alat)./cosd(Olat) + 23.0;

where (Alat, Alon) is the coordinates for the Anglova scenario, and (Olat, Olon) is the coordinates for the original Swedish scenario.

All coordinates are given in WGS84 decimal degree (latitude, longitude)

Adam Caldwell, 2020-03-13 23:41

Dear Anglova.net,

I would like to load the version 8 ubuntu virtual machine, but when I download, decompress, and extract the VM file it has no extension. Will you please tell me what software I should use to load the VM? I have tried several popular software suites and have re-tried them after adding various extensions to no avail. My research team at the Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas is eager to use the Anglova Scenario image and greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

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