Anglova scenario virtual machines

Following are virtual machines available for experimentation of Anglova Scenario.

See Documentation and FAQ for information. Questions can be asked from FAQ page.

The file inside .tar.gz archive is QEMU QCOW Image (v2) format (qcow2). You can convert it to other formats for example with qemu-img command, part of qemu-utils package in Debian / Ubuntu systems and qemu-img RPM in RedHat / CentOS.

For example, to convert it to VMDK, the command would be something like

qemu-img convert -p -O vmdk Anglova_node_v8_Ubuntu_16.04 Anglova_node_v8_Ubuntu_16.04.vmdk

Note that in some versions VMware may not accept file image. This can in many cases be fixed by creating a copy of image file with vmkfstools or similar tools.

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